CT Dentascan

CT Dentascan is a 3D scan which uses advanced software to construct unique 3D pictures of your jaw and surrounding tissues. This is useful to assess the position of impacted teeth, or plan dental implants, as accurate and precise measurements can be made from Dentascan images.

Image Modality Dental CT


  • There is no preparation required for a CT Dentascan.

    You will be asked to remove any jewellery or metal items from your head and neck area including hair accessories, dentures and plates.

  • A Dentascan is performed on a CT scanner. Special Dentascan software is attached to the CT, ensuring low radiation dose and enables the radiographer to reconstruct your scan into a 3D image.

    It is important that you follow any instructions closely, and that you hold still. Occasionally an x-ray or Dentascan may need to be repeated if the position is not exact, or if there is some movement during the scan.

    Your dentist or specialist may sometimes provide you with a special plate you will need to bite down on during the scan. Alternatively, you may need to bite onto a paddle pop stick to separate your top and bottom teeth.

    The table will move your head into the machine for the scan, and will then slide back out once the scan is complete.

  • The scan will take approximately 10 minutes.

  • Due to the dose of radiation emitted, you will not be able to have this scan if you are pregnant.

How much will it cost?

Fees for radiology procedures will vary depending on a variety of factors. We will advise you about the cost of your service at the time of booking but if you do have any questions, contact us and one of our team will be happy to help with your query. You can read more about our billing information here.

How do I access my images?

At Queensland X-Ray, we provide our patients with their images and results online. To access your images and results, you’ll need to register for an account when you visit one of our practices. If you’ve already registered, you can access the Patient Portal here.

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