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Order referral pads

Complete this form to order referral pads. Referral pads will be delivered by your dedicated Business Development Officer (BDO) or sent via post.

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Online Refferal

Digital referrals

We facilitate receiving referrals digitally via eOrders (when available in PMS) and email.

From within your Best Practice software, you can now send us an electronic referral, often known as an e-Order.

It is a new, convenient way to refer your patients for imaging.

Set-up is simple and straightforward. Once configured, you can complete an image request in Best Practice as you normally would, then send the referral across to us, as well as continuing to provide the patient with a copy of their referral.

Contact your Business Development Officer to enable eOrders at your practice.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, practitioners are able to email their imaging requests to us, for both Telehealth and face-to-face patients. Once the imaging request has been completed, please email it through to Queensland X-Ray using one of the email addresses below.

Please include the patient’s preferred phone number and email address so we can contact them to make their appointment.


Gold Coast:





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Referral forms (print or PDF)

If you don’t have any referral pads on hand, you can print and fill out a referral form manually or download an editable PDF that you can type into and print.