Paediatric X-ray

An x-ray image is created when a small amount radiation is passed through a body part. Different internal structures absorb different amounts of radiation, which is why the end result of an x-ray shows the white solid bone structures and grey muscle areas. In order for us to perform an x-ray you will need a referral from your health practitioner.

Image Modality Xray

Things to know

  • We can perform x-rays on children from one year of age. Prior to this age, their bones are not fully formed and an x-ray is not the best diagnostic tool.
  • In some cases, we are able to perform abdominal x-ray on children younger than one year.


  • Why would your child need an x-ray?

    There are several reasons why your doctor may have referred your child for an x-ray such as broken or fractured bones, diagnosis of chest and lung conditions such as pneumonia, etc.

    • There is no preparation required for an x-ray.
    • You do not need an appointment for an x-ray – just walk on in!
    • The scan is not performed in an enclosed environment, but on an open bed, so there is no need to worry about confined spaces.
    • While it’s not essential, it’s helpful for your child to wear lose fitting clothing without metal buckles, fasteners, or zips. In some cases, your child may be asked to change into a gown.
  • Understandably, children can be a little nervous about having an x-ray. We’ve made this animated video to talk them through what to expect when having an x-ray at Queensland X-Ray.

    We cover what x-rays are used for, what is likely to happen before, during and after the appointment as well as how long it might take…don’t worry, it’s all pretty easy! We look forward to seeing you at one of our many practices soon.

  • The x-ray will take around 5 minutes to complete.

  • There is radiation involved in an x-ray – but we use low-dose radiation software throughout all our imaging procedures. You can read about radiation dose here.

  • Any of our practices are able to take an x-ray of your child. However in Brisbane, we have some of our practices who are a little more experienced in this often specialised area :

Watch: Having an x-ray with Queensland X-Ray (Paediatric)

How much will it cost?

Fees for radiology procedures will vary depending on a variety of factors. We will advise you about the cost of your service at the time of booking but if you do have any questions, contact us and one of our team will be happy to help with your query. You can read more about our billing information here.

How do I access my images?

At Queensland X-Ray, we provide our patients with their images and results online. To access your images and results, you’ll need to register for an account when you visit one of our practices. If you’ve already registered, you can access the Patient Portal here.

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