Paediatric Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging tool which uses high frequency sound waves to create image of the body. The sonographer uses a transducer (a hand-held device which produces and receives the sound waves) to produce the images. Ultrasound shows anatomy in “real-time” showing movement.

Image Modality Ultrasound


  • Understandably, children can be a little nervous about having an ultrasound. We’ve made this animated video to talk them through what to expect when having an ultrasound at Queensland X-Ray.

    We cover what ultrasounds are used for, what is likely to happen before, during and after the appointment as well as how long it might take…don’t worry, it’s all pretty easy! We look forward to seeing you at one of our many practices soon.

  • Any of our regional practices are able to perform an ultrasound on your child. However, in Brisbane we have two practices that specialise in this area (Upper Mount Gravatt and Logan Road, Greenslopes).

Watch: Having a paediatric ultrasound with Queensland X-Ray

How much will it cost?

Fees for radiology procedures will vary depending on a variety of factors. We will advise you about the cost of your service at the time of booking but if you do have any questions, contact us and one of our team will be happy to help with your query. You can read more about our billing information here.

How do I access my images?

At Queensland X-Ray, we provide our patients with their images and results online. To access your images and results, you’ll need to register for an account when you visit one of our practices. If you’ve already registered, you can access the Patient Portal here.

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