Send us your referrals digitally with eOrders from Best Practice

From within your Best Practice software, you can now conveniently send us an electronic referral, often known as an eOrder.

Set-up is simple and straightforward. Once configured, select 'QLD X-Ray' from the list of providers before completing your request then click ’Print and Send’ which sends the referral across to us and provides you with a printed copy of the referral to give to the patient.

Benefits of eOrders:

  • Integrates with Best Practice (compatible with version Jade and above)
  • It’s secure – sends directly from your server to ours
  • No need to use pre-printed referral paper - can be printed on plain paper
  • Encourages patients to have their imaging completed sooner
  • No lost forms - patient is not required to present with printed copy of referral
  • No misinterpretation of test required
  • Results can be uploaded to My Health Record
Online Refferal

Enable eOrders at your practice

Fill in the contact form below and your Business Development Officer will be in touch to arrange an appointment to enable eOrders at your practice.

How eOrders Work

  • As configuration is required in your PMS, fill in your details above and we will organise your Business Development Officer to arrange a time to assist in conjunction with your IT support team.

  • Open the imaging request function in the patient file of your PMS. The eOrder template includes clear fields to enter the relevant details, i.e. body region, modality, etc.
    Once all relevant clinical information has been entered, the eOrder can be finalised. It is then authenticated, encrypted, and delivered straight to Queensland X-Ray. You can also print out a hard copy of the referral for your patient.

  • Your patient will receive a text message soon after the request is submitted that includes a link to book their scan, they will also be able to view a digital copy of their referral. Your patient will receive a follow up reminder text within 7 days if they have not made an appointment.

  • After your patient’s scan, the images and report will be available to you within the usual timeframes.