First Trimester Pregnancy Imaging

In conversation with… Dr Kerry McMahon and Dr Wendy Burton

Our very own Women’s Imaging Radiologist, Dr Kerry McMahon, sat down with local Brisbane GP, Dr Wendy Burton, to discuss first trimester pregnancy imaging.

A key feature of their discussion evolved around non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT).

NIPT has become more accessible in recent times due to a decrease in cost, and shorter waiting times. This has led to both patients and doctors seeking more information regarding the role of a Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound, and whether or not it continues to play a role in first trimester pregnancy imaging.

To help answer many of the commonly asked questions, a fifteen-minute video has been created. This video also helps provide valuable insight into what is being assessed during a Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound, including morphology, congenital fetal abnormalities and early signs of spina bifida.

Watch: First Trimester Obstetric Imaging

The video is structured like an interview and can be broken down into seven key chapters:

Chapter 1
Is there still a space for the First Trimester combined scan in the time of the NIPT? (disclaimer: Dr Burton meant to say that NIPT is the most accurate way of screening for Down syndrome, not diagnose)

Chapter 2  |  2:24min
Cost of Nuchal Translucency and Medicare criteria, i.e. how to get a rebate?

Chapter 3  |  5:04min
Further clarification of First Trimester combined screening, i.e. Blood tests and Nuchal Translucency and where Obstetric imaging is going in the future

Chapter 4  |  7:02min
Interpreting the Ultrasound reports combined with the NIPT results

Chapter 5  |  8:23min
As a GP, should you be requesting a Nuchal Translucency scan or a first trimester combined scan?

Chapter 6  |  9:23min
Does it matter if you request a Nuchal Translucency or 12 week scan on the referral?

Chapter 7  |  11:55min
Looking through an example of a Nuchal Translucency scan on InteleViewer to identifying key structures in the baby