Ultrasound machines donated to Fiji

The Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva, Fiji has three new ultrasound machines thanks to a generous donation from the Sonic Healthcare Foundation with support from Queensland X-Ray and Radiology Across Borders.

Queensland X-Ray, in partnership with the Sonic Healthcare Foundation, has a long history of donating repurposed medical equipment through associations such as Radiology Across Borders in collaborative initiatives to give back to communities within Australia and overseas.

Dr Megan Walmsley, Assistant Professor of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at the Fiji National University is thankful for these donations and for all involved.

"On behalf of the University & CWMH, I would like to personally thank donors for their generous support of the Fijian health care system.

 "And for the support of further training & education of our local medical workforce." Dr Walmsley said.

The Colonial War Memorial Hospital, the oldest and largest in Fiji, has already integrated the donated machines into its intensive care, anaesthesiology, and radiology departments.


Fiji Donations 2
Donated machines in use within the General Operating Theatre and Radiology Department. (photo credit: Fiji National University)