Prostate MRI at Queensland X-Ray – New MBS Item Numbers

The first diagnostic imaging item numbers for Prostate MRI have been approved by Medicare.

Queensland X-Ray is delighted to announce that from July 01, men will now be able to access a Medicare rebate towards an MRI scan to help diagnose, detect and monitor prostate cancer.

There are two new numbers. The first item number is for the diagnostic imaging of patients who are suspected of having prostate cancer. Currently, many referrers request a biopsy as an alternative to an MRI.

The implementation of the new number will help reduce biopsies (which can have side effects) and financially help men who are currently unable to afford the MRI.

The second number is identified for patients who have been confirmed to have cancer and are not planning or undergoing treatment.

These rebates will be available at BOTH full and partially licensed scanners and for patients referred by Urologists, Radiation Oncologists and Oncologists.

Prostate MRI requires specialised equipment and is available at 11 Queensland X-Ray practices across the state.

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