Mammos just got a whole lot more comfy!

Thanks to a particularly lovely lady, women who visit Queensland X-Ray Mater Women’s Imaging Centre for a Mammogram will have a more comfortable experience.

Lynieve has worked for Queensland X-Ray since 2007 and since day one, has provided patients and colleagues alike with her friendly smile. Don’t be fooled by her cheerful exterior though; when it comes to Mammography, the woman is wanted!

Hologic (manufacturers of many imaging technologies) invited Lynieve to attend the National Breast Screen Conference in April to present her findings on a trial she took part in.

Lynieve and patients from the Mater Women’s had been asked to review a new Mammographic paddle created by Hologic for use with their Mammogram unit.

The feedback provided and the response from patients was both clinical and experience based.

Traditional Mammography paddles are flat, however this one is curved to the natural shape of the breast; ultimately meaning more comfort for the patient. Clinically, the image quality has also been improved.

Hologic were so impressed with the quantity and quality of Lynieve’s presentation and research that they have gifted the paddle to Queensland X-Ray and our patients.

Queensland X-Ray, the Mater Women’s Imaging Centre and all its future patients thank you Lynieve.

Lynieve Nielen Mammo Equipment E1610339383451