Dedicated Women’s Imaging for Townsville

Rhianna Weekes has been a Sonographer for Queensland X-Ray in Townsville for 11 years. Not only is she a valued member of the team, but, as a woman we thought she was perfectly poised to comment on the new Women’s Imaging Centre in Townsville and what it means to her.

Rhianna joined the Queensland X-Ray team as a trainee when she began her Post Graduate Diploma through the University of South Australia.

“I’d been interested in physiology and anatomy at school and thought I’d end up in research after my degree, but three people independently saw this job advertised and said I should apply… so I did.”

As the Sonographer in charge for the region, Rhianna maintains the rosters for 14 qualified and 3 trainee Sonographers, as well as scanning four days per week herself.

The all-female team are, as expected, enthusiastic about the regions first dedicated imaging centre for Women.

“The new centre is going to be an exciting place to work. The nature of Ultrasound means you can be scanning a young male with a sports injury in one appointment and 20 minutes later you’re scanning a pregnant mother. The variation keeps your mind agile and challenges you intellectually and it also breaks up the day,” Rhianna said.

But at this dedicated women’s centre the Sonographers will focus on breast and obstetric imaging. All day… every day… and this will be another sort of challenge.

“I think the specific imaging at this site will challenge the team in other ways. Obstetric patients have high expectations in terms of the customer service they receive and over the last few years I’ve noticed this increase.”

Rhianna continued, “whilst we will be completing the same or similar scans here, the patient and circumstances obviously vary and we’ll be able to focus a bit more on those.

Best clinical practice for breast imaging is for the woman to return to the same provider year on year, and I can’t imagine we’ll have a hard time encouraging them back to this practice once they’ve seen it.

With the clinical excellence, exceptional customer service and the fantastic views – I think word will travel that Women’s Imaging Townsville is the place to go for breast and obstetric ultrasound.”

Specifically designed with the patient experience in mind, the new practice has two clearly separated areas for the type of imaging performed. As you enter the reception, women requiring breast imaging are led into the sub wait area on the right. They can sit back and relax in their fluffy white dressing gowns and enjoy refreshment from the beverage station, safely knowing it’s a female only environment.

On the other side of the practice, to the left, pregnant women and their partners are invited to sit back and relax, and read a selection of magazines specifically selected for their reason to visit.

Situated in a corner of the building, one thing remains the same… the unquestionably perfect view. From level four, the leafy view is peaceful and calming for patients and it’s a bonus for the staff too.

‘We are looking to recruit and expand our practices in Townsville as our waitlists show the work is there. And the view and facilities we can offer staff here provide a workplace environment like no other.” said Rhianna.

The new centre is a first Diagnostic Imaging provider solely dedicated to women’s imaging in the region.

Rhianna and the team at the new Townsville Women’s Imaging look forward to welcoming you.

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