Celebrating all our nurses

Queensland X-Ray nurses hold an integral role within our company. Along with our techs, and admin staff, nurses are also the backbone of our company and we couldn’t do it without them!

Our nurses can assist with up to 50 or more procedures a day in some of our hospital practices, having the first interactions with our patients to the after procedural care for them.

The care and empathy they show patients goes above and beyond with comforting any concerns our patients have before their procedure and reassuring them when their procedure is finished.

Even when very busy our nurses are a good ‘go to’ person for quick information and advice on patient care, and always have a ‘we can do it’ attitude. They are great team members and interact considerately and professionally with staff and patients at all times.

We appreciate the dedication they bring to Queensland X-Ray and thank them for their service to our patients and radiologists.

– Michelle Tappenden; Senior Administrator Bayside

Celebrating All Nurses 1