Blush Cancer Care relationship continues

Blush Cancer Care has been very fortunate to have a long relationship with Queensland X-Ray

Since 2017, Queensland X-Ray has supported Toowoomba based charity Blush Cancer Care Inc.  Our support, partnered with allied health specialist The Fit Lab, provides a holistic approach to women's post-cancer care via the wellbeing programme Fight Back with Fitness.

QXR Marketing Manager Natalie Tuttle recently visited Blush Cancer Care to present QXRs annual donation of $25,000 to the Chair of Blush Breast Cancer, Dr Sharyn Donaldson and her team. Dr Donaldson   is grateful   for the annual support.

“Blush Cancer Care has been very fortunate to have a long standing relationship with Queensland X-Ray and this is also more deeply seated in the complete spectrum of care provided for patients on the Downs in the event of a breast cancer diagnosis. About 200 women pass through the books of care in Toowoomba annually.

Qld X-Ray has supported Blush in many endeavours. This has been cemented over the last few years to an ongoing pledge of $25,000. A large proportion of this goes to paying for Blush’s exercise interventions for patients. There are many papers that report the benefits of exercise in recovery from diagnosis of breast cancer but also in decreasing recurrence let alone the phenomenal benefits to mental and overall health.?

Highly trained Exercise Physiologists from The Fitlab developed the Fight Back with Fitness programme, which Blush Cancer Care Inc. oversees. Thanks to QXR's annual donation, participants receive the programme and a DEXA Body Composition Scan at no charge. The programme is backed by extensive ongoing research from Edith Cowan University, which highlights the positive effects of exercise on cancer patients' survival rates.

Michael Hede, Chief Sonographer at Queensland X-Ray Toowoomba, a founder of the programme with The Fit Lab in 2017 has witnessed its positive impact over the years. 

"The research shows that specially developed exercise programmes positively benefit survival rates and improve physical and mental wellbeing.

"When listening to feedback from the first Fight Back with Fitness group in 2018 and subsequent cohorts, it was and still is hard not to feel moved by transformations and the overwhelming positive benefits participants receive physically and mentally as a result of the programme."



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