Mackay Golf Club’s Monthly Medal Competition

The Mackay Golf Club was founded in June 1925 with the initial nine-hole course being situated on the town common, which is now the Mackay Airport. Far from the manicured courses of today, the going was rugged for the early golfers. The nine sand greens had wire fences erected around them to keep the grazing cattle off. As well as livestock, players had to contend with rubbish dumps, wide open storm-water drains and un-mown deep rough. The first clubhouse was built on the common for a cost of $452, and opened by the Mayor Mr George Milton in March 1926.

We proudly sponsored Mackay Golf Club’s Monthly Medal Competition in June 2017. The competition is held monthly with several divisions taking the course to play 18 holes Single Stroke with the event attracting up to 200 participants and spectators each month. To add support to the event (and to have a little fun) our Mackay team entered four players across different divisions. The top three June Division winners will compete against all other Monthly Medal Winners at the end of the year to take out the title of ‘Annual Monthly Medal Winner 2017’.

Pictured Left to Right: Mr Steven Lowry, Dr Andrew McLaughlan, Mr Greg Neill, Mr Neale Muller.

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