Iona College

The Reason for a Defibrillator

“On Friday 14 June, 2014, a 17-year-old student from a fellow AIC college collapsed after suffering a heart attack whilst competing in an Inter College Cross Country event, right near where this defibrillator will be housed, above Harron Oval.

Five students from Iona came to his aid … some performing CPR and others racing off to retrieve a defibrillator. The closest defib unit was located near the swimming pool. Doctors reported later, that without the skills and the quick thinking of these young Ionians, that fellow AIC student would not have survived.

As mentioned, this defib unit will be permanently housed at a location that is accessible to all who use our facilities at any time of the day, any day of the week.

Whilst we hope that this defibrillator will remain unused for years to come, we are reassured by its presence on the very site of a life-threatening emergency. This life saving piece of equipment will not only be available to our school community but to all members of the wider Bayside community who use these facilities.

This will commence with the upcoming 2021 Confraternity Carnival which will see upwards of 1,000 people per day playing, working, volunteering or visiting our campus. With this in mind, Iona College thanks Queensland X-Ray for gifting us with a piece of equipment essential in ensuring that we have facilities as well equipped as possible in the event of any emergency into the future.”