Brisbane State High School Rugby Program

Brisbane State High School (BSHS) is the only public high school in the Queensland GPS school system within Queensland, and the only co-ed school. Students come from within the school catchment area near West End and through selection for sport, academia and the arts. BSHS has an outstanding tradition of rugby, winning the third highest number of premierships of any GPS school in Brisbane. This achievement is especially significant considering the program is run on minimal funding. The program is successful due to the contributions and efforts of teachers and volunteers. BSHS teams are characterised by hard work, humility and comradery, with many of the players travelling significant distances to attend training and school each day.

BSHS ensures all players retain a balance between sporting and academia, and for many of the players being selected for a rugby merit entry provides access to an education and opportunities they may not otherwise have received. The students come from many walks of life and embrace the cultural aspects that each brings to the table. Queensland X-Ray is a proud supporter of this grassroots sport initiative.

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