Referrer Liaison Officers

We have a dedicated Referrer Help Desk team as well as Referrer Liaison Officers (RLO's) across the state to help with any account set ups, image and report delivery questions and general queries.

Our Referrer Liaison Officers can:

  • Provide log in details and explain the multiple ways you can access images and reports
  • Install InteleViewer software
  • Provide training on how to use different image delivery systems
  • Update you with new services and locations
  • Arrange meetings with Radiologists for peer-to-peer discussion
  • Provide referral paper

Find the Referrer Liaison Officer for your region using the tool below.

Our Referrer Help Desk team can help you with:

  • Accessing images and reports
  • Image transfers and outbound enquires
  • Putting you in contact with our Radiologists and Referrer Liaison Officer team
  • Result delivery
  • Updating your account information including password resets and changes
  • Ordering referral stationery

If you need to contact the Referrer Help Desk team, simply call 1800 77 99 77 or email

Find a Referrer Liaison Officer

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