Regional Scholarship Applicant Information

The Queensland X-Ray regional scholarship is an industry placement scholarship for Radiographers and Nuclear Medicine Technologists, valued at $15,000 to support students during the fourth year of the participants' degree, undertaking their industry placement in a regional area. It is provided on the basis that the student will continue to work for Queensland X-Ray in a regional area after completing their degree.



Available to fourth year university students who are studying an undergraduate degree full-time at an Australian university.

Must be able to provide evidence of sound academic achievement.

Must be an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen, a permanent Australian resident or a student with an Australian permanent visa.


  • The scholarship participant will complete their fourthyear placement(s) at a Queensland X-Ray regional site (Toowoomba, Cairns, Townsville or Mackay).
  • On completion of their degree and subject to satisfactory conduct, the participant will be offered employment with Queensland X-Ray, preferably at a regional site.
  • It is expected that the scholarship participant agrees to remain employed by Queensland X-Ray for two years following completion of their degree.
  • The participant must not work for a competitor of Queensland X-Ray while receiving the Queensland X-Ray
    regional scholarship.
  • If the participant does not complete their placement with Queensland X-Ray or chooses not to work for Queensland X-Ray after completing their degree, the scholarship participant will be asked to repay the total of all scholarship amounts they receive or parts thereof depending on the time spent employed.
  • The scholarship participant will be required to sign a contract (to be made available at the time of the scholarship offer) which will outline the above points in further detail.
  • To retain this scholarship, you must continue to receive satisfactory feedback from your supervisor throughout the placement.
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How to apply

Applications are opened once a year and promoted at the relevant time.

Applicants are required to submit a cover letter, up-to-date resume and evidence of academic achievement, including relevant clinical reports.
Selection will be based on academic achievement, CV and cover letter.

Preference may be given to those with previous Queensland X-Ray clinical experience.

For more information and to apply please contact:


Human Resources
07 3422 8800

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

John Barlow
Nuclear Medicine Operations Manager
07 3422 8800