Warwick Polocrosse World Cup 2019

Queensland X-Ray have serviced the Toowoomba and Darling Downs regions for over 34 years, so our sponsorship of the 2019 Adina Polocrosse World Cup in Warwick was very special to us.

The Polocrosse World Cup saw nations from all around the world competing for the win – with Zimbabwe, The UK, Ireland and the USA to name just a few! In the end, Australia took out the cup defeating Zimbabwe 22 to 11 in a fiercely fought battle.

There were approximately 50,000 attendances at the World Cup, 25% higher than the 40,000 who attended the 2007 World Cup hosted by Warwick Polocrosse Club.

For a town of 15,000 that has been struggling with drought for many years, the flow on impact of the World Cup for Warwick has been significant; it is estimated that the economic impact of the event on the region will exceed $5 million.

Accommodation was at capacity for the week of the event, and businesses have reported record trading and an electric atmosphere around the central business district due to the international visitors.

Diverse local businesses have reported record weeks of trading. Rural small business Cannard Hats who had a trade site at the event had been on the verge of closing due to the struggle of drought.

“The last six months in business has been tough with the drought. This event has given me the ability to invest the necessary funds back into the business. I am so grateful to the event organisers,” commented owner Chris Cannard.

Queensland X-Ray are proud to have supported an event that not only brought clear economic benefits to a region we’ve operated in for decades, but an event that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle on such a large scale.

The naming sponsors, Adina Watches caught up with Madeleine Love, Marketing & Events Coordinator at QXR for a bit of fun to see how their World Cup Watch looked under X-Ray!
Watch the video here

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