Toowoomba Water Polo Club

QXR has partnered with the Toowoomba Water Polo club. The Club has a culture of fun, collaboration and good sportsmanship. Currently, the Club has approximately 90 members, most of which are in the junior competition (12-18years), and many who are boarders at schools from rural Queensland. Some drive over 80 km to play each week! Many of the Club’s members have been part of the club for generations and they actively seek and encourage a sense of community and love for the game. The club welcomes all players regardless of gender, race, schooling or financial background.

Qld X-Ray’s sponsorship has allowed the purchase of a FINA (Olympic Standard) goal and the upgrading of existing goals with new nets which are necessary for fixtues and the occasional regional carnival e.g. Qld Country and Queensland School Championships.

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