Mabel Park State High School

“Mabel Park State High School has partnered with Queensland X-Ray in helping support the growing community at our school. The number of students has grown from a small 500 to a massive 1450 in recent years and is continuing to grow. With the help from QLD X-Ray it is allowing us to provide students with the necessary resources for them to achieve their goals. The schools vision is to be the most respected, admired and accomplished school. By delivering outstanding education to our students and enrich the community. The future of students is always the key focus for the school moving forward. Clear visions and goals have been set as a way to monitor this and ensure that the school continues to adapt. Mabel Park SHS is forever grateful for QLD X-Ray’s sponsorship and the opportunities it is allowing the student to have to reach their goals. Without the help of QLD X-Ray nothing like this would be possible.”

Queensland X-Ray is proud to support the school and has sponsored two new full size goals including net and clips which are used during school hours and also by other community groups and sporting associations which have partnered with the school.

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