Hear & Say

Established in 1992 by Dr Dimity Dornan AO (2018 Queensland Senior Australian of the Year), Hear and Say is a Queensland-wide charity supporting children and young adults across five centres, as well as via a Telepractice program for rural and remote families.

Its current programs and services include audiology, listening and spoken language therapy, school hearing screening, social skills programs, and physiotherapy and occupational therapy support. Hear and Say is also committed to clinical research and professional development.

Its aim is to support all children to hear, listen and speak, so they can attend mainstream school and fulfil their potential across all areas of life.

In 2019, Hear and Say received funding from Queensland X-Ray, through the support WANTZ Committee.

These funds enabled the purchase of critical IT equipment, supporting the flexibility and mobility of the Hear and Say team and ensuring efficient delivery of vital programs for children and families impacted by hearing loss.

“We are extremely grateful for your generous donation of $5,000.00 via the 2019 WANTZ Committee fundraising, giving more parents, the opportunity to watch their children reach their full potential, unlimited by hearing loss.

90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents who want to be able to communicate with their children with speech and language. Without adequate hearing the normal process of acquiring language is seriously affected, and without language children have limited access to education and career opportunities.

This is where you and Hear and Say is making a difference, turning these families’ “broken dreams” into “spoken dreams!” Today, children who are born deaf have the potential to speak just like children with natural hearing.”

– Chris McCarthy, CEO of Hear and Say

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