Chain Reaction Bike Ride 2017

Chain Reaction is the Ultimate Corporate Bike Challenge; raising money for children’s charities by challenging senior executives who have a passion for cycling and an awareness of their corporate social responsibilities. Participants are challenged to ride a 1,000 plus kilometre course in 7 days.

In 2017 Queensland X-Ray sponsored Dr James Morton, founder of AEIOU. He was one of 49 riders who left the stunning Sydney Harbour and tackled the journey to Brisbane, whilst enjoying the best countryside Australia has to offer. The AEIOU team, with the support of Queensland X-Ray, raised in excess of $120,000. The event’s total fundraising for 2017 was just over $1.1M, with AEIOU receiving almost $400,000 of this. The money raised helped complete the building of the new AEIOU Logan Centre which will increase AEIOU’s capacity to deliver their life changing early intervention program for children with autism.

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