AEIOU Foundation

Every year, one in 100 children are diagnosed with autism in Australia and this number is growing annually.

AEIOU provides the most affordable and effective autism early intervention and family support service in Australia. Their mission is to enhance the lives of children with autism and their families, and to support the community through early intervention learning, along with practical and caring support.

The evidence-based program offered by AEIOU Foundation is a unique full-time program that teaches children vital skills in communication, socialisation, cognitive learning and self-help competencies.

Their program ensures that each child reaches their full potential. It also facilitates improved balance in the family unit by way of increased opportunities for socialisation within their community. The AEIOU early intervention program is specifically designed for children with autism between the ages of two and six years.

During the last six months of 2017, 235 children were enrolled in AEIOU centres across Australia. Of these children, 118 graduated from AEIOU to go into their next learning environment. On average, 70% of children who graduate from AEIOU go on to attend mainstream schools.

The Queensland X-Ray donation enabled five children with Autism to benefit from the early intervention program – a saving to the community of $6.5million over the lifetime of these children.


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