A Million Metres for Melanoma

On 22 - 24 June 2022, Dr Chris Conyard and his teammates attempted (and succeeded) in breaking a Guinness world record for the fastest team to row one million metres. This world record attempt was part of a campaign known as ‘A Million Metres For Melanoma’. 

The team are driven by the story of Phoebe Eales, who at the age of 31 had a mole removed at a regular skin check which turned out to be melanoma. Five months later, she felt a lump in her neck which was also diagnosed as melanoma. Her battle began with countless check-ups, scans, surgery, radiation and immunotherapy, and sadly ended in November 2015 with this aggressive melanoma taking her life. During her final days, she spoke with her brother-in-law Chris and asked him to try and find a way to change the path of people diagnosed with melanoma.

Funds raised will go towards revolutionising melanoma detection at the Dermatology Research Centre where they use a Vectra 360 to take 3D images of a patient, replicating the skin's surface in complete detail.  This makes it easy to pick up changes from one skin check to the next and will play a significant role in early detection.

These ten men are giving people a better chance at fighting melanoma and they won't stop trying to give future generations of young people a better chance than Phoebe had.

For more information about this great cause or to make a donation, click here.

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