Women’s Imaging Doctor for Cairns

Moving to a place where rainforest meets the reef is a big step, especially when you’ve never visited the city of Cairns … but it’s one QXR Radiologist Dr Toni Cheatle is making and taking in her stride. Dr Cheatle has been working for QXR in Brisbane for six months already, but is looking forward to the move.

“I’ve never been there before, but my family and I are visiting for a week in April,” she said.

Dr Cheatle’s sense of humour is apparent from the first conversation, as well as her positive adventurous attitude.

Born, bred and medically trained in Brisbane, Dr Cheatle is looking forward to living a different life whilst in Cairns.

“I have a young family of three boys under 6, so to get away from the city life is appealing as a mum, and I think that Cairns will provide a positive work-life balance for us,” Dr Cheatle continued.

When asked about hobbies and special interests, she replies laughing… “I have a young family, so sleep and arranging their lives are where hobbies start and finish at the moment.”

The new Cairns Radiologist role, which officially starts in July, will see the start of Dr Cheatle’s career as a Consultant Radiologist and make her the first lady of QXR Cairns, as she joins the male team of Dr Jean Haddad and Dr Randeep Kulshretha.

“I’m particularly interested in Women’s Imaging so to focus on that subject is a personal choice and interest, and as for MSK, it’s such a vast field, I wanted to be more well-rounded in it which is why I’ve chosen that topic as well, Dr Cheatle continued.

Dr Cheatle always knew she’d go into the Medical field, but Surgery had been a more obvious choice, due to her love of human anatomy.

“I chose to specialise in Radiology early on in my training, as it offered a good work-life balance, and would provide a good balance of patient interaction and anatomy study… all the things I enjoy,” she continued.

Finally, when asked for three words to describe herself, Dr Cheatle pauses and says that sounds like an online dating question!

Dr Toni Cheatle will join the QXR Cairns team from July 2016. Her professional biography can be found here.