General CT

A CT, or Computed Tomography, is a common type of diagnostic imaging scan which can be used on any are of the body. It provides the Radiologist with a more detailed picture than a normal X-ray. You can watch our animated patient information video about CT here.

How do I prepare?

Please arrive early for your exam as you will be asked to change into a gown. Wearing a two piece outfit can make this easier for you.

If you’re pregnant please let the Radiographer know.

For most CT scans, there is no fasting required. At Queensland X-Ray we use a high-grade contrast. There are sometimes side-effects to this, the most common being a warm flushed feeling, and a strange taste in your mouth. These will be explained more thoroughly at your appointment.

Some people find having a CT a little claustrophobic and like to take a light sedative before their scan. This will not send you to sleep, it will just relax you. You should discuss this with your referring doctor and tell us at the time of booking if you think it will be of benefit.

The scan doesn’t take long, but please allow an hour for your appointment.

Technology and Team

Queensland X-Ray utilises various CT scanners, which include Siemens and Toshiba.

Your CT will be performed by an experienced Radiographer. A Radiographer is a university-trained health professional who works with cutting-edge technology to produce X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans and other images.

Once the images are taken, they’ll be read by a Radiologist – a highly trained specialist medical doctor – who will interpret the images to diagnose illness and injury.

What happens during my examination

The Radiographer will explain exactly what will happen during your procedure. It may vary slightly from what we describe below, so don’t worry.

Your Radiographer will ask you to enter the CT room and you will be asked to lie down on the bed. The Radiographer will ensure you are comfortable and then leave the room.

For some CT imaging we require you to have an injection of contrast. The contrast will help enhance a particular area of your body so it’s easier to see. You may feel a hot flush feeling for a moment as the contrast enters your body or a metallic taste in your mouth. This is perfectly normal and only lasts a few minutes. Over the course of the day the contrast solution will be naturally excreted by your body with no side effects. This procedure is not advisable for those allergic to iodine or shellfish.

Once you have had the injection, you may be asked to lie still while the contrast travels to the body part we need to image. For Kidneys, this can take up to 10 minutes.

The bed will move slowly into the gantry and then slowly out again. A typical CT will last between 5 – 30 minutes.

At the end of the examination, you will be able to redress and leave.

After your examination

The results of your CT will be sent directly to your referring Doctor. Please ensure you book a timely follow-up appointment to discuss your results with them.


The cost of a CT will depend on the reason for your scan. Please ask for a quote at the time of booking.

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