Breast Imaging

Breast imaging is a subspecialty of diagnostic radiology and can involve a range of imaging procedures such as Ultrasound, Tomosynthesis, Mammography and MRI. At some point in their life, most women and some men will need to undergo breast imaging. This can be for several reasons including:

  • To establish the cause of pain in the breast area
  • To establish the cause of a lump, skin or nipple retraction, nipple discharge
  • Screening to detect small early breast cancer
  • To evaluate breast infections
  • To evaluate for breast implant problems
  • Follow up of breast cancer survivors and patients with complex breasts

Things to know

  • So our team can easily access the area, we’ll need to you wear a special gown that we’ll provide. If possible, we ask you come dressed in a separate top and bottoms.
  • You can safely have an Ultrasound when pregnant, just please let our staff know.
  • If you are pregnant and require urgent breast imaging, please contact us, as we have alternate Breast Imaging options available.
  • In order to gain as much clinical information as possible we perform a Mammogram and Ultrasound together. These imaging techniques work hand in hand for optimal imaging. Where we can, we will fit these in on the same day.
  • Should a biopsy also be required, whenever possible we will also do this during your appointment or invite you back at your earliest convenience.


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