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Share your patient images across other imaging centres.

Print our QXR Transfer Request Form [download form]


Outbound Transfers from Queensland X-Ray

All requests for electronic transmission of Queensland X-Ray studies to other imaging facilities must be sent to either the fax number or email address below. Mandatory fields are Date Requested, Date Required, Patient Name, DOB, Procedure Name, and Date of Exam.

We have a dedicated fax line and email address to accept PACS transfer requests.


  • Requests received during business hours will be actioned within 1 hour.
  • Requests received after-hours will be actioned the following business day.
  • If a transfer is urgent, QXR PACS Support can be contacted on 1800 77 99 77 (24hrs) to request a transfer be actioned with priority.

Inbound Transfers to Queensland X-Ray

Queensland X-Ray accepts studies transferred from 3rd party imaging centres for review by our Radiologists and QXRWeb Images users.

As our Internal and QXRWeb PACS’ are separate, studies which have been transferred to us will always be available on the Internal PACS, but not necessarily on QXRWeb Images.

If a referring clinician wishes to have studies transferred and be able to view them on QXRWeb Images, the following protocol must be followed:

Complete a QXR Electronic Image Transfer Form, ensuring that “Send to QXRWeb Images” box is ticked, and reviewer’s name is clearly printed.

Fax the completed form to BOTH the institution where the study was performed, AND to 07 3377 1918. Once the study is received by Queensland X-Ray, PACS Support will match the study with the completed form, move the study to QXRWeb Images and grant access to the user who has completed the form.


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