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Nurse Lorraine Blomfield

It is clear the team at Sunnybank Private Hospital really appreciate working with Nurse Lorraine Blomfield with multiple submissions coming in for her!

I would like to take this time out to acknowledge our Nurse Lorraine Blomfield at Sunnybank Private Hospital. I have worked here for 10 years now and throughout these years I have nothing but the highest respect for Lorraine. She is not only professional at her job, but genuinely caring, considerate, and helpful to all her patients as well as us. For example, I was very unwell at work one day and with my aneurysm history, Lorraine leapt straight into action doing what she needed to do as a nurse, and I was impressed by how she handled the situation, and helped me feel really reassured everything would be okay. The ambulance was called after her monitoring me and to cut a long story short, I ended up being okay. But I wanted to reflect on this because the handling of any patient whether they are an outpatient, inpatient or staff, is very important and a high priority! Lorraine, I know gives 100% (and more!) from my experience. Thank you Lorraine.

– Daphne Kugis; Medical Receptionist at Sunnybank

Nurse Lorraine – Like the beautiful person/nurse she is always singing with a smile on her face – “Always look on the bright side of life”.

I have had the pleasure of working with Lorraine for the past 14 years. In this time, I have found her to be very caring, supportive and friendly. She not only is an excellent nurse but she also is an even better colleague. She is very selfless and is always putting everyone else’s needs before her own. On a regular basis, we will come into the office and on our front reception counter are beautiful flower arrangements. Sunnybank is a better place with her here. We have had lots of positive feedback about Lorraine and I believe she should be extremely proud of the person and nurse she is.  We appreciate her hard work around the department. Thanks Lorraine – Keep smiling 🙂

Melissa Anderson; Senior Administrator at Sunnybank

I have had the pleasure of working with Lorraine at both Greenslopes and Sunnybank for over 10 years. Lorraine puts everyone from patients to staff first and foremost.  She tries to keep everyone upbeat and organises team morale building exercises and loves to crack a joke to cheer people up. Love that she is always ready to go the extra mile to assist anyone.

– Joylene Conway; Medical Typist at Sunnybank

I wanted to take this chance to write a testimonial about one of the nurses here at Sunnybank Private Hospital Queensland X-Ray for The 2020 International year of the Nurse. Lorraine Blomfield has been a part of the Queensland X-Ray Sunnybank Private practice for approximately 15 years, I have been with the practice for a little over 3 months. From my first day in the practice, Lorraine was one of the first people to greet and welcome me, Lorraine was so warm and kind from the beginning. Lorraine is always taking that extra step to make everyone in the team and the practice feel special, for instance on birthdays and other events, Lorraine buys small gifts and a thoughtful card. Lorraine surprised me on my birthday with this same gesture and also welcomed me into the team. This meant a lot to me and in that moment I did truly feel I was a part of the team. With this small gesture it creates a great team dynamic. I have also witnessed on multiple occasions Lorraine’s compassion, and consideration towards patients and patient’s families, taking that extra time to explain details to the patient, so they can be at ease with the procedure they are about to have. Lorraine’s extensive knowledge in procedures, process and protocol is invaluable. Lorraine is a wealth of knowledge and a huge asset to this team and more importantly a great example of the Queensland X-Ray values. I want to take this chance to thank Lorraine for being a great colleague to work with and learn from, and for being an all-round lovely human being.

– Kiriwai Horo; Medical Receptionist at Sunnybank

It was not long after I started, that this lady, unbeknownst to me, came up and introduced herself to me.  Lorraine. What a lovely, dedicated asset she is to Queenslandd X-Ray.  Lorraine goes above and beyond in her role with her loving, caring attitude towards everyone that walks into our practice (not just the people who she is assisting) and will take the stress out of every patient. Her laughter is the medicine everyone receives! I’m truly blown away by her willingness to help in any query we might have. She provides the care every patient truly deserves and lightens us on a weekly/daily bases with her beautiful flower arrangements. i.e.: Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and just her special gestures for our team. Beautiful person, beautiful nurse.

Nicole Kennedy; Medical Receptionist at Sunnybank

I would like to say a big thank you to both our nurses Lorraine and Thoan.

They always help reception staff to check booking procedures and help reception staff deal with difficult patients. They always have big patience with everyone. I can’t imagine working without them.

– Ping Lien; Medical Receptionist at Sunnybank

Lorraine and Thoan, you are both an inspiration to us all. Your patience in the most difficult situations in the clinic are appreciated with the patients and staff. Also for always lending an ear when any of us are having a bad day or feeling down – it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

– Aileen Scanlan; Medical Receptionist at Sunnybank

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