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New scan can really show you what you’re made of

Queensland X-Ray now offers Body Composition Scanning using the latest DEXA technology at its Russell Street practice.

DEXA or Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry is a useful scan for people trying to lose weight or build muscle mass. DEXA can identify the different densities of bone, fat and muscle and uses this data to then build an image of the body.

Managing Radiologist for Queensland X-Ray in Toowoomba, Dr Peter Storey, said the new DEXA scanner would help people understand more about their body’s composition.

“This tool is ideal for those who want to monitor weight loss or muscle gain, such as athletes or people who attend a gym,” Dr Storey said.

“Body Composition Assessment will reveal the body’s total bone, fat and muscle mass in a percentage, which over time can be monitored to record progress.

“This scanner is the most accurate available on the market and can really make a difference to someone trying to improve their health… it can see what the scales can’t,” Dr Storey continued.

Following the scan a client will receive a full report, and an overview from a Queensland X-Ray Radiologist. No referral for this scan.

QXR also offers body composition scanning at Southport and in Cairns.

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