Case of the Month – June

14th June 2018
Patient history: 10 year old female, presented with a painful/ swollen left foot and...
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Prostate MRI at Queensland X-Ray – New MBS Item Numbers

8th June 2018
The first diagnostic imaging item numbers for Prostate MRI have been approved by Medicare....
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Mammos just got a whole lot more comfy!

8th June 2018
Thanks to a particularly lovely lady, women who visit Queensland X-Ray Mater Women’s Imaging...
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Congratulations Allison

7th June 2018
Allison Holley,Queensland X-Ray’s Senior Paediatric Sonographer, has been awarded an Inaugural Fellowship of the...
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Practice Perfection

1st June 2018
Ladies, you’ll be spoilt to your bones at Queensland X-Ray’s newest practice in Townsville....
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Dedicated Women’s Imaging for Townsville

23rd May 2018
Rhianna Weekes has been a Sonographer for Queensland X-Ray in Townsville for 11 years....
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Fighting Back with Fitness

17th May 2018
At the end of 2017, Queensland X-Ray and Toowoomba groups Fit Lab and Blush...
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Case of the Month – May 2018

14th May 2018
By Dr Cameron Scott History: 50 year old female with acute onset severe neck...
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Case of the Month – April 2018

13th April 2018
By Dr Morgan McMeniman History: This month’s patient is a 46-year-old male who presented...
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Congratulations to Doctor Matthew Bastian-Jordan for publishing another paper

10th April 2018
We’d like to congratulate our very own Dr Matthew Bastian-Jordan who has had another...
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Changes to QXRWeb

4th April 2018
You may notice we no longer require our Referrers to go through QXRWeb to...
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Queensland X-Ray to see athletes through GC2018

2nd April 2018
Queensland X-Ray has joined GC2018 as the Official Supplier of Medical Imaging Services, offering...
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What is SPECT/CT?

1st April 2018
A SPECT/CT is a Nuclear Medicine scanner which utilises two different imaging techniques to...
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Interventional Procedural Directory

21st March 2018
A guide for medical practitioners referring to Queensland X-Ray At Queensland X-Ray we provide...
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Case of the Month – March 2018

1st March 2018
By Dr Mark Ready History: 21 month old girl from Africa. Bowed Legs. Biochemistry...
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Information Radiation Dose in Medical Imaging

14th February 2018
Some medical imaging procedures involve the use of ionising radiation: X-Rays CT Scans Nuclear...
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Case of the Month – February 2018

1st February 2018
By Dr Matthew Bastian-Jordan History: Young male presented with whipper snipper injury. Hit a...
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New Women’s Imaging Centre for Townsville – Coming Soon.

19th December 2017
Townsville is soon to get the region’s first practice dedicated solely to the imaging...
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Our Dental Service

16th December 2017
Queensland X-Ray has a team of dedicated Dental Radiologists to assist dental referrers with...
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New scan can really show you what you’re made of

11th December 2017
Queensland X-Ray now offers Body Composition Scanning using the latest DEXA technology at its...
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Liver Elastography: Investigating Liver Fibrosis

10th December 2017
Liver Elastography is the imaging of liver fibrosis using ARFI technology for the non-invasive...
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