Case of the Month – September 2018

By Dr Sanjay Dhupelia


Previous motor vehicle accident. Increasing kyphosis of the spine.


We performed an EOS spinal assessment, which includes a postural assessment, sagittal and coronal balance, vertebral height and a lower limb assessment including leg lengths.


  • Loss of cervical lordosis (query whiplash)
  • Wedging of multiple vertebral bodies (Scheuermann’s disease) with an exaggerated thoracic kyphosis
  • Abnormal sagittal balance of the spine with a lumbar curvature to the left
  • Significant right pelvic elevation contributed to by a 2.3cm functional leg length discrepancy (right longer than left)


Physical therapy can be used to address the cervical and thoracic issues. Consideration of shoe lifts or osteotomy for leg length discrepancy causing pelvic tilt and spinal curvature.

EOS – Nobel Prize winning technology

  • Digital stereo-radiography with a gaseous x-ray detector
  • Performs fast simultaneous AP & lateral x-rays with a 175cm field of view at a fraction of the dose (85% less than x-ray and 95% less than CT).
  • No stitching with decreased distortion and magnification error
  • Micro dose setting allows x-ray imaging at a dose equivalent to a few days of background radiation

EOS imaging is Bulk Billed and no appointments are necessary.

EOS is available at our Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, Coorparoo and Gold Coast Private Hospital practices.

For more information on EOS imaging, please click here.

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