Highfields Football Club

Highfields Football Club celebrated 20 years in 2019, starting that season moving to a fantastic new facility built at the Highfields Sports Complex, that increased our field area from 2 full sized fields to 5 and provided professional standard lighting, state of the art change rooms and canteen facilities.

Originally starting the club with a total of 72 players, we have grown into one of the biggest football club’s in Toowoomba, hosting around 500 players every season.

The growth of the club is contributed to fantastic support from our local families that provide much needed volunteers to help around the club and working with a strong club executive team.

Strong relationships with local businesses that provide Valued Sponsorship to help purchase equipment, uniforms and funding for players and coaches to develop the latest skills.

Partnering with Queensland X-Ray for our 2021 season has provided the club with the opportunity to supply uniforms and Professional Coaches to run the sessions and carnival games for our 4 developing Academy Teams aged 8 to 12.

Highfields FC appreciates the Generosity of our valued Sponsors, Queensland X-Ray Thank you!